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Given the severity of Covid-19, I hope you will not mind us contacting you via this platform on a non-FlightPath issue.

If you have received a similar looking message from me yesterday please note this is very different. Now we need your money.

Urgent Need: Pulse Oximeters and Braun Thermometers

You can help save lives.
This is how:

Six local medical groups have come together under the Tonbridge Primary Care Network, to create the Tonbridge Coronavirus Assessment Hub led by Dr Ginny Winstanley at Hildenborough practice.

Tom Tugendhat MP put us in touch.

Right now, the Hub is a small team of doctors, nurses and practice managers trying to get this project off the ground, whilst still trying to keep general practice services running.

They are setting up a Covid-19 assessment centre in Tonbridge on Monday. (Strictly by appointment only). The specially adapted 4-lane drive-througn marquee went up yesterday, on donated land, thanks to some incredibly generous and fast work.


This Assessment Hub is of critical importance in reducing the impact of the virus on the NHS at this tumultuous time. This centre will allow face-to-face assessment of patients in the community in a controlled and safe environment, to protect staff and patients alike.

By doing these assessments, they can dramatically reduce the pressure on the system locally which may, in turn, of course, directly affect you and those you love.

Please do not turn up for assessment or encourage others to do so.
It is a very significant concern of the hub team that they will be deluged.

So, how can you help?

They need stuff.
Lots of stuff.
By Monday.

Below is a list. We are doing our absolute best to track down what they desperately need and have had some success via an earlier appeal for these items earlier this week.

But we're not experts in these fields. And the Hub Team are adding needs as the deadline approaches.

So, rather than continue hunting ourselves, we've changed tack and I am appealing to you directly to help fund an item - or two. Given the immense urgency, the Treasurer of Gatwick Obviously Not has agreed to using the GON account for online deposits, which will then be passed on to the Hub Team. Strictly segregated accounts will be maintained to ensure funds donated for the Covid-19 Assessment Hub and for aviation purposes are recorded and accounted for separately.

Without having asked, we received a $5,000 donation yesterday - it was then that the penny dropped. Thank you to that wonderful person who has triggered this immediate change in policy.

Having said that, the greatest priority now for the Hub Team is Pulse Oximeters and Braun Thermometers. We can't find any at any price for Monday. Maybe you run a pharmacy? If you know where we can get them please do get in touch.


Item Needed Approx.
gon_26_03_20_hazard suit.jpg Disposable Hazmat suits, hats and shoe covers £25 > 1000
gon_26_03_20_visor.jpg Disposable visors £25 > 1000
gon_26_03_20_pulse_oximeter.jpg Pulse oximeters £25 15
gon_26_03_20_blood_pressure_cuffs.jpg Blood pressure cuffs £20 15
gon_26_03_20_braun_thermometer.jpg Braun thermometers £70 15
gon_26_03_20_sanitizer_dispenser.jpg Hand Sanitizer Dispensers £25 10
gon_26_03_20_mobile_phone.jpg Mobile Phones with SIM cards
To phone patients in their cars, avoiding face-to-face contact
£150 10
gon_26_03_20_signage.jpg Sign Printing Kindly created & sponsored by Regency Design & Print Alreadycommissioned

We are also investigating the costs of Security for the entire hub.

Small print:
- Costs are guide amounts
- Images are only examples
- The funds raised, transferred and donated will be advised in full on this platform
- Government funding is also being sought
- All funds will be given to the Hub Team in full. However, if they have sufficient funds and we have received more than they need, we will donate the surplus to a Covid-19 related fund at our discretion

Of course, if you do have direct access to any of the needed equipment, please also get in touch any which way.

GON Bank Details:
Lloyds Bank
Sort Code: 30 98 77
Account Number: 54435360

PLEASE tell us when you donate so we can be sure it is for the Hub Team and so we are able to thank you. We are also seeking urgent Government funding so, if that happens and we can return any donations, we will.

Email me or Charles:

Thank you

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

07774 264 588

March 25th 2020

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