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Thank you Kent County Council!


"A PROPOSED runway extension to the UK's second busiest airport has been strongly opposed by a county council…

KCC's transport boss, Cllr Michael Payne (Con), said the authority "firmly" objects to the proposed move during a public meeting at County Hall in Maidstone this week.

Speaking to colleagues at KCC's cabinet meeting at on Monday (Dec 2), Cllr Payne said: "Our position is that we are firmly opposed to this or potentially any second runway at Gatwick.

"Routine use of Gatwick's emergency runway would result in significant increase in air movement and potential increase in noise, air quality and other issues."

KCC's Labour group leader, Cllr Dara Farrell, said after the public meeting: "Gatwick needs the infrastructure around it."

KCC's opposition leader, Cllr Rob Bird (Lib Dem), said he shared the concerns of KCC's transport boss about the proposed expansion of Gatwick."



At our open meeting in Penshurst on November 1st, we asked all those attending to write to their councillors (at all levels) to strongly suggest they stepped in urgently to stop Gatwick's devastating twin-track expansion plans (intensifying existing runway use & bringing emergency runway into regular use).

Someone from Leigh, (Kent) a strong and constant supporter of all we have tried to do over the years, did exactly that, writing to the Leader of Kent County Council, and above is the reply from Roger Gough (used with permission).

"The impacts of Gatwick's current single runway configuration are already unacceptable in terms of their impact on communities under and near the flightpath. A potential increase of these impacts on local communities would be unacceptable."

I said at that meeting that I truly believed Gatwick could be stopped with your help.

KCC have provided the foundation. With our coalition of nearly all groups around Gatwick under the 'Gatwick's Big Enough' banner, I am more resolved than ever that we can be successful. Especially as our funding has now reached some £15,000.

Thank you, modest, resourceful and wonderful person from Leigh.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

December 11th 2019

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