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Gatwick Expansion? Obviously Not!

Thanks again for your immense generosity. We're now standing at over £14,000. And we're not hanging about.

Please see the message below from our coalition of forces trying to halt Gatwick's determination to wreak havoc on our skies, lungs and ears.

Do you know a County or Borough/Town Councillor? Are you a Councillor yourself? If you do please ask them to take the actions we've suggested to ensure Gatwick can't grow without proper scrutiny and consultation.

It could help save the Planet up to 1m tons of extra C02. Every single year.




Dear all

The attached letter was sent yesterday to the Leaders and CEOs of all Gatwick's Host and Neighbouring local authorities.

It proposes actions Councils could take to ensure that all Gatwick's proposed growth is properly scrutinised, as is the case at every other major UK airport.

In particular it urges them to ask the Secretary of State to direct that Gatwick's main runway development be considered a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project requiring development consent using his powers under section 35 of the Planning Act 2008. This would ensure that there was proper scrutiny of all proposed growth and that communities had a voice. Finally it says we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our proposals, and other potential actions, with councils Leaders and their officers.

We will be following up with councillors asking them to put pressure on their leaders and cabinet members to take action of the sort we've proposed.
But we need you to do the same too, please. If you could let us know which councils you have connections with we'll send you the original email to them and endeavour to keep track of who we've collectively approached.

Charles Lloyd
Gatwick's Big Enough coalition



November 30th 2019

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