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Growth, what growth?


Exactly a week ago we called a meeting in Penshurst about Gatwick's very real threat of 40% expansion. All welcome.
You came from far and wide to hear 3 of us speak, including Tom Tugendhat MP.
200 of you on a dark and blowy November night.
Full house.
We explained the problem, said what we'd like to do about it and asked for £10,000.
To help us kick-off a campaign called Gatwick's Big Enough, being organised by a coalition of nearly all the aviation groups around Gatwick to fight their heinous plans

Within 5 days we had gone over £10,000.

Now we get to work.

Thank you. You are a magnificent lot.


Exactly 30 years ago today I took this picture. That's what I do.
Have we learnt nothing?
Last week I got a little bit cross about the plane issue for the first time in 6 years of campaigning.
Why? (For I rarely get cross).
Because we received an invitation to Gatwick's Noise Management Board's Annual Open Meeting in December and this is what it says in the agenda (I kid you not):

"Please note: this meeting is an opportunity to focus on airspace and noise issues and as such, airport growth plans will not form part of the discussion."

A bit like talking about the climate emergency but banning any mention of global warming
Or airspace congestion without talking about aeroplanes.

Gatwick's last NMB collapsed in acrimony earlier this year after 3 years of utterly fruitless meetings.

And now Gatwick's starting it again. Like this.

Honestly. We’re not two-year-olds.
We'll also probably be banned from asking them to explain Gatwick's latest mantra: 'sustainable growth'.


So, dear everyone, this is what we're up against. This is why we asked for your money.

Growth is the agenda.

Growth is what will determine the effect of "airspace and noise issues".

Gatwick can put up walls.
History tells us they don't work.
Uniquely, they both catch words of protest (see above) and accelerate their dissemination.

In a year or so the DfT will spoon-feed approval for full time use of the emergency runway to whoever is Minister for Transport.
Yes, Minister, sign here.
It might as well be called the Department for Aviation.

Unless we are successful.

Remember the Airbus Whine? Buried by the industry until uncovered by my good friend MK and finally brought to an end by mass protest. You should see how the industry winces when it's mentioned now.

Did you know that Gatwick's Master Plan for expansion fails to mention the near million tons of CO2 emissions that the extra flights will generate? Every single year?
Must be an oversight.

That's our battle. You, Greta and anyone with a conscience is our army. Remember Jericho, Gatwick?

Your invitation to the NMB Open Meeting below. Remember, whatever you do, don't mention the G  word.


We'll be back to you all soon with practical ways in which you can further help fight their expansion. And their ridiculous, childish gagging orders.

Thank you again.

Ich bin ein Berliner


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

NB: I don't just believe in balance and fairness of our skies; I had an email exchange yesterday on this issue with the NMB representative who sent out the invitation. I subsequently offered to print their response in full (or edited if they preferred) in this newsletter but they declined. I also assured them that, if they declined, I would not use it. Therefore, I do not reflect their response here at all. The offer still stands.

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November 9th 2019

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