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Gatwick + 40%! Seriously?
A secret extra 1 million extra tons of CO2!
Hidden noise impacts!


Gatwick want to expand by 40%, partly through even more intensive use of our skies and partly via using their 'emergency' runway full time.

We really want to stop them.

But we need your help.

Many of the groups around Gatwick have come together as a coalition of forces under the 'Gatwick's Big Enough' banner to do just that.

Last Friday 1st November we called an open meeting in Penshurst to which all were invited.

Result: full house, with 200 clicked in. Wow.

Thank you if you were one of them. We're getting closer to our Phase 1 £10,000 target - and it's still coming in. Amazing. 

We'd love you to contribute if you can. Literally any sum would help. Details of how to pay below. An online transfer direct to GON's bank account is best for us (no fees).

Our messaging on Friday was crystal clear:

This is what just 1 ton of CO2 would look like if you could see it.

8.128m3 or 26ft 8ins cubed.


If our initial £10,000 could be the catalyst to stop 1 million tons of CO2 (every year, ad infinitum) then £100 could help stop 10,000 tons. £10 - 1,000 tons.

A million cubic tons would stretch from Gatwick to Beijing. Every single year.

Trust Gatwick? Their Master Plan overlooks emissions from the extra flights expansion would enable.

Can't think why.

Noise? Their Master Plan also seeks to hide noise impacts by using a metric that bears no relationship to the way people would experience additional noise.

Planning scrutiny? Gatwick wants to go ahead with 60% of its growth without any form of planning consent. They think they've found a way to dodge the government's policy and grow without scrutiny. We think that's wrong. Please help by writing to complain about this, details are here: Gatwick Airport: Growth Without Scrutiny

Their buzz phrase is "sustainable growth".

Taking us for a load of oxymorons.

What will we do with your funds? 10% will be retained by GON for running our website and newsletters. The balance will go to the Gatwick's Big Enough campaign to which other groups are also contributing.

It will be used to fund lawyers, PR and planning research. We have lawyers ready to go, and a multi-award winning PR team champing at the bit.

More details about the issues and what we're doing about them at our fully updated website here:

Very many thanks

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not


You can contribute online at:

Account: Gatwick Obviously Not
Sort code: 30-98-77
Account No.: 54435360

Kindly email when paying so we can acknowledge, say thank you and keep in touch.

Or you can contribute via our Crowdfunding site at:

Or send a cheque payable to "Gatwick Obviously Not" to:

Charles Lloyd
Penshurst Road
TN11 8HY

Kindly enclose your contact details so we can acknowledge, say thank you and keep in touch.

November 5th 2019

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