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Tom Tugendhat MBE MP sent us this message this morning:

"Gatwick Airport's plans to have up to three runways in operation do not represent a sustainable plan for our local community. It would mean more noise, more carbon emissions and more health problems, and would damage the economic prosperity and environmental sustainability of our villages."

We couldn't agree more.

100 newsletters, 5 years, and 1 consistent message - Gatwick? Obviously Not!

Gatwick recently announced plans to increase traffic by close to 40%. Partly through advances in technology, partly by bringing in their existing 'standby' runway for more frequent use.

We think this is wrong on every possible level and will be coming back to you all shortly with how we intend to stop them - with your help.

And I do believe they can be stopped.

Intense concentration of flight paths would be just one of the results. Back in 2014, we called them noise ghettos. It seems even the CAA's former CEO Andrew Haines agreed. He had this to say on the matter way back in 2017:

"CAA chief Andrew Haines told Heathrow Community Noise Forum yesterday flightpath concentration rarely an answer as can create 'noise sewers'."

(Source: John Stewart, HACAN

Remember this?


'Skies Above Britain' tells part of the story again on BBC4. You can see it this Thursday 29th August, 8.00pm.


In Gatwick's Consultation Report in response to their Master Plan, 573 people responded across all groups, including 198 of you.

Thank you. Every single voice counts.


I look forward to coming back to you soon on our own Master Plan to stop Gatwick and their runaway expansion plans.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

August 28th 2019

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