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The Three R's/Q&A

This Saturday 9th March. 10.30am - 12.30pm

Q&A at the Leicester Arms in Penshurst, TN11 8BT 

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The industry needs to learn its three R's:


Attending numerous meetings with the industry and environmental bodies since we started in the summer of 2014, one thing has become abundantly clear.

Aircraft noise and its effects on our wellbeing are simply not being addressed in any significant way. Lots of cuddly words, a mountain of consultations and yet the industry just flies on, willy-nilly.

I can't even say it is the 'lowest priority' because it's not a priority at all. (Prove me wrong, Secretary of State Grayling).

Shockingly, the government in its own recent green paper on the future of UK aviation readily accepts that 25% of greenhouse gases could be from aviation by 2050, up from 7% now, and in part due to other industries' better behaviour. See extract below

A quick check on Wiki suggests there are over 70 formal Regulators in the UK, including the CAA.

However what we need is an empowered and independent Regulator to hold the aviation industry to account.

The CAA oversees airspace changes but does not set noise limits and has no noise enforcement powers. (For example, its complete inability to address the Airbus whine issue, which we understand the industry first knew about in 2005)

I foresee a class action from our children's generation on noise and emissions, and perhaps it will take their generation to be running the country before these issues are taken seriously and an independent Regulator for this rampant industry is secured.

But we're putting down our marker now.

You may think we're shouting in the wind. We accept it's a slow burn. But don't forget that in the last 5 years, acting as individuals, groups, and groups of groups across all counties around Gatwick you have:

"It always seems impossible, until it is done."
Nelson Mandela

If you'd like to come and rant about this or any other issue, I'm holding another Flight Path Q&A at the Leicester Arms in Penshurst, TN11 8BT in two days time. This Saturday 9th March. 10.30am - 12.30pm.

Ministers, CAA, Gatwick or NATS also very welcome.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

From Aviation 2050, The future of UK aviation:

By far the most abundant of the greenhouses gases responsible for rising global temperature is carbon dioxide (CO2). UK aviation accounts for around 7% of the UK's total greenhouse gas emissions, but its share of emissions is likely to continue to increase as other sectors, such as energy and manufacturing, decarbonise more quickly. This means that aviation could represent a 25% share of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.–2050-web.pdf

March 7th 2019

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