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Gatwick's Master Plan - 
Consultation ends in 24 hours at 5pm on January 10th


Not as busy as the skies will be if Gatwick get their second runway by stretching a bit of existing Tarmac in the very near future, as is their latest plan.

Last week we set out some suggested responses to the potentially devastating proposals in Gatwick's latest plan to wreck great swathes of Kent, Surrey and Sussex in their dash-for-cash.

Many of you were good enough to copy us into your responses, or let us know you had done so.

Thank you.

There's exactly 24 hours to go before the deadline - if you haven't got time to draft your own response adapted from ours, please do email them with our PDF. It still counts. If you have got a bit of time, please feel free to use our Word version to work from or indeed, fill in their online consultation.

Link to our PDF here:

Link to our Word doc here:

Responding to the Consultation online:

Or email with your comments to:

"Required emissions reductions should address the fact that the government already expects aviation's greenhouse gas emissions to increase from 7% of total UK emissions now to 25% by 2050.  Expansion at Gatwick and elsewhere will make the position worse but the draft master plan contains no credible plans to address this situation."

GON's response has been drafted by Charles Lloyd, GON Committee Member and Communities Representative for DfT Airspace Strategy Board and the Airspace and Noise Engagement Group.

Master Plan – Overview:

Very many thanks

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

January 9th 2019

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