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Parliamentary Debate on Gatwick Noise


I am pleased to advise that Tom Tugendhat MP and his office have secured a debate in the Palace of Westminster entitled:

"Growth and noise reduction at Gatwick airport"

I believe it's a first for such a specific topic and surely reflects the immense amount of frustration and hence campaigning by so many of you out there.

It takes place in the third Chamber, Westminster Hall, at 4.30pm on Wednesday 10th January. All welcome.

Given that one of our major issues is the woeful lack of regulation on the aviation industry regarding noise, this debate could be significant.

What can you do to help?

  1. Invite your MP, wherever you live, to be there. This would be extremely useful.

  2. Come along. Please allow time for security.
    (Westminster Hall is also a magnificent, historic building and the oldest part of the Parliamentary Estate).

  3. Send any guidance for what you think needs covering, as succinctly as possible (bullet points fine) to Tom at:

I look forward to seeing any of you there.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

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December 21st 2017

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