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Our Mission Statement

Full dispersal • • • Maximum altitude • • • Continuous Descent

Nothing has changed here


It's been a while.

We continue the efforts on many fronts, local and national, to bring some order to the skies.

Our mission statement almost since we began back in the Spring of 2014 is:

"Full dispersal  • Maximum altitude  • Continuous Descent"

Nothing's changed and every meeting, every letter and every action continues to be trying to achieve these simple goals.

We keep pushing

We recently attended an industry conference at The Royal Aeronautical Society entitled

"Aircraft Noise – How Can We Build Community Tolerance"

Charles Lloyd, Chair of the Aviation Communities Forum and a joint-founder of GON was invited to speak to the key industry players in the room. He chose to focus on the almost total lack of Regulation for aircraft noise since Sir Winston Churchill completely cleared the skies for the industry in 1920.

He doesn't hold back:

His script is here:

Gatwick push back

"Gatwick lands back in runway race with Heathrow"
The Times, 31st October

You may have noticed quite a lot of discussion in the press around revisiting the expansion question recently, with a fresh consultation to boot.

Our view is to let it all settle down a bit, make some careful analysis and then, if we need to, advise a course of action.

We will be sending out a copy of our response to the consultation via a newsletter before the deadline of 19th December.

However you may wish to send in your response before then.

You can do so from this link:

If you'd like to review the consultation’s questions beforehand, please click here:

There's a lot of noise coming out of Gatwick on this.

We remain united

The 8 community campaign groups around Gatwick recently wrote to the Secretary of State, asking him to intervene to ensure the government's policy that noise should reduce as airports grow was delivered.

We quoted from the Aviation Policy Framework, 2013:

"future growth in aviation should ensure that benefits are shared between the aviation industry and local communities… This means that the industry should reduce and mitigate noise as airport capacity grows" (Source; APF p55)

See the full letter here:


NATS (who control the airspace) is looking into the feasibility of holding the aircraft for longer in the stacks south of Mayfield as part of their review of the options to enhance the aim for "Fair and Equitable Dispersal".

This could be helpful in terms of achieving greater dispersal and we welcome this initiative which takes us beyond the process of the Arrivals Review

"…The workshop concluded that the most effective, timely and safest mechanism available is to make increased use of the existing holding stacks when traffic permits. This in turn is expected to reduce the extent of so-called 'tromboning' of arrivals below 7000 feet altitude, reducing the numbers of people affected by arriving aircraft operating at those lower levels…

"These aircraft would hence absorb arrivals delay at higher altitudes in the stack, operating at levels considered by government policy to be beyond altitudes that affect noise performance (above 7000 feet)…

"…the increased holding will be at higher levels, 8000 feet and above (7000 feet is already routinely used) and would have the effect of reducing aircraft manoeuvring at altitudes where noise disturbance may occur."

!Source: Draft Minutes, NMB 7, part 11)


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

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November 3rd 2017

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