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Night flights, drop-in and FED

Pop-up session, Penshurst

Saturday 11th March, 10.15 - Noon, The Leicester Arms, Penshurst, TN11 8BT

I will be there with laptop, ready and happy to answer any questions you may have and explain what we're up to now in more detail. They do a great coffee!

The Night Flight Consultation

In the last newsletter we offered our specially-built and stand-alone website 'no' as a conduit for your response to the recent DfT's rather woeful consultation,

We were copied in to 657 responses from you. An absolutely superb response level, thank you.

As Michael Knowles OBE said:
"It beats the handful to the first consultation by just over 660"

(Michael was the man who discovered why the easyJets whined way back when and who asked me to form a group nearly 3 years ago over the flight path changes. The "first consultation" he refers to was some months before we got going and its dissemination by the industry was simply atrocious, as the response numbers attest)

You may recall the DfT made the truly shocking assessment that only 4,300 people were mainly affected by night flight noise.
If ever there was a 'fly-by-night' operation, this was it.

Thank you for such a tremendous response, and a major thank-you to the other campaign groups who so willingly promoted the special 1-click website we set up for this purpose.

Fair and Equitable Dispersal - 'FED'

According to my inbox, nothing has infuriated you more than the lack of effective FED over the arrivals swathe since the join-point to the final approach ('ILS') was duly widened last August.

I couldn't agree more.

We spent (another) 3 hours last week face-to-face with the industry at Gatwick trying once more to progress this issue.

We are very definitely not there yet and I can assure you that on our side of the table everyone's patience is running out. However, we have no intention of giving up - we just may need to change tactics.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

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March 9th 2017

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