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Dispersal, Night Fights, an Open Meeting and the 2nd Runway

Since August 2014 we have sent out over 70 newsletters plus other notices.
(All available here:

Each and every one had a purpose and many asked for you to write to someone, somewhere.

Your response to those requests has been phenomenal over the last 28 months. Thank you.

In January, we will be asking you to respond to the imminent Consultation on Night Flights at Gatwick

You may have noticed we've been fairly quiet since October, as the need to campaign morphed into a need to negotiate, which required less input from you, although a substantial input of time from us and several other campaigning teams.
That continues, very particularly over the framework for truly effective "Fair and Equitable Dispersal" ("FED") of aircraft in our re-widened swathe.

Recently, those of us to the east of Gatwick have benefited from a number of easterly days and, of course, traffic is lighter in the winter months.
Don't be fooled! (Indeed, many of you have let me know how unhappy you are with the present dispersal)
Everyone at GON HQ is fully aware that the most critical test of our skies comes next summer. FED needs to work now and it absolutely needs to work then, when the pressure is really on.
And work properly.
Everyday, and for all.

Night Flights

We expect DfT to announce the formal Consultation into the night flight scheduling for Gatwick for the years ahead at any moment.
This will definitely need your response, and we will be in touch when we have reviewed the proposals in full.

Noise Management Board - Open Meeting, January 31st

This is the 4th formal meeting of the NMB. We are awaiting information on how those who wish to attend can do so. We will pass it on when we have it.

The 2nd Runway

We have deliberately made no comment on this since the government's announcement that Heathrow was their choice in late October.
We wanted it to 'bed down' and to absorb the reaction from all the key players.

Particularly interesting was Stewart Wingate's admittance on 4th December that:
"Realistically, we would need their [the government's] support to build a second runway but we're committed to growing and making that option available to Government as a deliverable option"
Source: The Daily Telegraph

While it may be obvious that Gatwick would need the government's support, I've not seen it admitted by them before.

We will keep watching and waiting to see if Heathrow meets the criteria for expansion.

What we really wanted to mention here is another "thank you" to you all for your immense input over the last 2 years to try and stop the 2nd runway. I've had a quick look at the newsletters and we focussed on it in the following - and probably many more - I stopped counting at No. 22 from January 2015!
No's 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 …

Looking back, how significant was your input? We will never know, but bit-by-bit you and campaigners from several other groups knocked out Gatwick's support from County and District Councils.

Kent County Councillor Clive Pearman said on 11th December 2014:
"An unprecedented number of emails were sent to the Leader of Kent County Council by local residents of West Kent who were angry and frustrated at the noise generated by aircraft flying over the area this summer. Those emails, following the pathway so clearly set out by the Gatwick Obviously Not website, were the single factor in forcing the County Council to change its aviation policy and, as a consequence, to openly and publicly reject the proposed second runway at Gatwick."
(Newsletter No.15, our bold)

We hope to engage the same energy and focus in the responses to the night flight proposals. You certainly responded extremely strongly to our most recent letters about the 2nd runway, when we asked you to write to the full Cabinet (No's 71,72.)


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

Some significant moments:

No. 11 KCC

No. 14 Wealden

No. 20 W.Sussex

No.71 Trust

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January 3rd 2017

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