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Re-widening the swathe - or not?

Very many of you have written to say you have not felt the benefits of any change to the swathe - that in fact, the concentration seems to have got worse.
For some, far worse.

I have tried to reply to you all and apologies to those I have not reached yet.

I can however assure you all that the widespread unhappiness was very directly passed on to the industry at last week's Noise Management Board meeting, attended by senior members of NATS, the CAA and the DfT. Stewart Wingate, CEO, Gatwick, was also there for the full meeting.

We have now been promised specific data on the actual use of our airspace around the arrivals swathe and when we have it I will publish the moment I can.

BBC Skies Above Britain

Last summer the production company for this series came down to Penshurst for several days filming and interviews.

It airs tomorrow evening, Wednesday 14th at 8.00pm on BBC2.

I understand we feature for approximately 3-4 minutes and that the exposure is balanced.

"The job with the highest pressure at NATS is keeping everyone safe entering or leaving London’s airspace, one of the busiest patches of sky in the world. Up to four thousand people can be in the hands of just one controller at any one time. Tom and Tim, two of the thousands who aspire to be the next generation of air traffic controllers, are beginning the rigorous three-year course.
Captain Fegus Rak is a pilot for Norwegian Air who must get his plane rapidly turned around and airborne for his twice-daily round trips to Europe. Amateur pilot Lizzie dreams of becoming a commercial pilot and at Elstree airfield, she prepares for her first solo flight.
But for some, the growth in air traffic is too much. Martin Barraud, resident of a once-quiet village in Kent, is leading a campaign to stop the narrowing of flight paths and increased noise overhead. Activist Sheila and protest group Plane Stupid use direct action to raise awareness of the environmental cost of flying but face a possible jail sentence for taking part in a sit in on Heathrow’s runway.

Fingers crossed.


Martin Barraud
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September 12th 2016

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