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Swathe re-widening confirmed for Monday 15th August

"I am pleased to be able to report that the planned resulting change to the arrivals swathe is scheduled to take effect on 15th August."
Graham Lake, Arrivals Review Team (see his full message below)

Never underestimate the power of your voice.
Collectively, ever so gradually, you are changing the use of our airspace.

Tom Tugendhat, MP, sent us this message:

"The flightpath changes that come into play on Monday are significant, and should make a difference to the level of noise we hear from aircraft in the area. However, it is important that we monitor this closely and ensure the promised change happens. I want to hear from as many people as possible on how this change will affect you - good or bad - so we can ensure it works.

"Having said that, to get to this stage is a superb achievement and this community, led by Gatwick Obviously Not, has led the way. Let's make sure the changes get the quieter skies we deserve."

As you may recall, the swathe was supposed to be re-widened by late July, a date that slipped to 'mid-August'.

The re-widening is just one of 20 recommendations in the Arrivals Review which should lead to greater tranquillity for those who have been suffering so much since 2013.

Re-widening alone is not the cure-all.

Do not expect a dramatic change.

This is an evolutionary process. Re-widening is a part of the jigsaw, which also includes smoother flight descent, higher altitudes and the far-too-slow fixing of the easyJet whine.
Monitoring of the use of swathe itself is crucial - I will give more information about that in the next newsletter.

But have no doubt; this change does mark a significant moment in actually effecting real physical change in the airspace through the work of so many.

GON is working closely with many other groups and organisations, locally and nationally to continue on our quest to bring that tranquillity to your lives. If any progress is made, it is through the collective determination of all those involved.

Thank you

This also seems a good time to thank you again for your donations. After raising around £117,000 from Penshurst and the villages around it to kick-start the Judicial Review, (now Stayed until 18th December) we then launched our Crowd Funding exercise on August 11th 2015 to carry the Campaign to the next stage. Exactly a year on the total donated via this platform has reached a staggering £44,555


On every level, without your help we would have achieved precisely nothing.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

The full text from Graham Lake, Arrivals Review Team to Matt Boughton at MP Tom Tugendhat's office

"Dear Matt

You asked that I let you know when I have further news regarding the implementation of the Arrivals Review Recommendation Imm–10, that calls for a reduction in the distance from touchdown of the minimum ILS joining point - Widening the Swathe.

This has been a very complex task, which as you know has involved close coordination over several months between GAL, NATS, CAA and DfT, as well as a constructive engagement by Community Noise Groups.

I am pleased to be able to report that the planned resulting change to the arrivals swathe is scheduled to take effect on 15th August.

A monitoring regime has been defined as a part of this process; this will record, analyse and regularly report findings to the NMB, among others. Of course developing a reliable view on the precise effects of the adjustments to the swathe in all traffic and weather conditions will naturally take some time; even so, we should have a good indication of the preliminary findings ready for NMB/3, to be held in mid-November."

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August 14th 2016

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