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'… with final verifications due in the first week of August and implementation expected about a week later in mid-August.'
(Bo Redeborn, Chair, Arrivals Review Team)

The arrivals swathe was supposed to be re-widened in 'late July'.

It hasn't happened.

You may recall we said it would be, in the last newsletter. We had double-checked with those who know before going loud, and passed on this important information to all 3,000 of you in good faith.

We're not happy. At all.

Bo Redeborn, Chair of the Noise Management Board, has just published a statement about the progress of the Arrivals Review (which had 20 recommendations, including Imm-10, the re-widening of the swathe which would in his words 'increase the arrivals dispersal to more closely emulate the circumstances prior to 2013 change')

His full report is in the link above, but here are the most relevant paragraphs:

'The preliminary planning work on this Recommendation [Imm–10, re-widening] was commenced in April, following the publication by GAL of its response to the Arrivals Review in its Proposed Action Plan. This has continued since then with detailed work being undertaken to address each of the aspects needed to enable the proposed change to be achieved.'

'This has taken more time than was initially forecast, largely as a result of the complexity of ensuring that the analysis and planning related to the regulatory requirements for the safety documentation could be met in full. It has been necessary to develop and agree a new monitoring regime for reporting purposes. The change of ATC provider from NATS to ANS at Gatwick Tower in March also introduced an additional layer of process.
Even so, this work has now been completed, with final verifications due in the first week of August and implementation expected about a week later in mid-August.'

Whatever the reason, if we are given a date we expect it to be kept. Full stop.

We know all too well that many of you (us) are suffering torment at the moment with the intense summer schedule, concentrated as it still is.

This delay adds insult to considerable aural injury and we are quite prepared to ask you to contact all the right people in mid-August if they dare let us down again. That includes the Cabinet, as they look forward to deliberating the expansion question.

We're watching.
And waiting.
For around 15 days, no more.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

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August 1st 2016

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