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Nominations - a clarification

Dear All

Last Friday we asked you to send an email to, asking you to do three things:

Hundreds of you did so, for which we are very grateful, copying us in.

Many of you have also sent us the standard reply you received from Gatwick (below) which states individuals cannot actually nominate directly to the NMB, asking us what you should do now.

Frankly, it appears to us the make-up of the Noise Management Board is very definitely still up for discussion and whether or not your nominations are individually taken into account, there can be absolutely no doubt whatsoever that once again your voice will have registered with Gatwick.

We will try and reply to you all individually but given the overwhelming numbers this may take some time.

I have clarified with the Arrivals Review coordinator that points 2 and 3 of your messages to them will very definitely be registered.

We will keep you posted on developments with the NMB make-up, and will be back to you the moment we need your help again.

Remember the end-game in all of this is to ensure the Arrivals Review's proposals are implemented in full, with fair and equitable dispersal guaranteed.

The NMB is a part of this, but so are all our discussions with senior representatives of NATS, Gatwick and the CAA, as well as our Judicial Review.

The 6 major groups to the East of Gatwick are united, well-resourced, communicating regularly and entirely focused on bringing that full implementation.

Enjoy your weekend in the sun. May it be peaceful.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

Points 2 and 3 of the email you sent, duly noted by Gatwick:

The standard reply from Gatwick to your emails:

---- Original Message ----
From: DD - Arrivals Review
Sent: Wed, 4 May 2016
Subject: RE: The Arrivals Review, re the Noise Management Board

Thank you for your response. The Noise Management Board nomination process requires that Parish, Town or Borough Councils make any nomination on behalf of residents. Individuals are not eligible to vote directly for the NMB.

I encourage you to engage with your elected local council to communicate your views and to urge them to contribute to the nomination process.

Your e-mail has been registered as a part of the arrivals review feedback.

Many thanks
Arrivals Review Team

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May 7th 2016

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