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To the Arrivals Review, re the Noise Management Board

  1. I nominate the following to be the Community Representatives on the Noise Management Board. They represent a wide geographic area (both urban and rural) and all strongly support the key Review’s proposal for fully re-widened swathes East and West. They all also support the core requirement for fair and equitable dispersal.

    Candidate: Martin Barraud Chair, GON
    Alternate: Dominic Nevill Chair, ESCCAN

    Candidate: Ian Hare Chair, PAGNE
    Alternate: Linda Penny Chair, Bi-Plane

  2. I nominate the following Parish Council groups to each be given a seat on the NMB instead of those seats going to the County Councils:
    East: HWCAAG
    West: APCAG

  3. I strongly urge Gatwick, NATS, DfT and the CAA to fully adopt all proposals from the Arrivals Review, in full, without caveats and without delay.

I strongly believe it is entirely wrong for the two 'Local Council Representatives' to be drawn from a pool of County Councillors on a rotating basis. Instead, I urge the NMB to engage with the Parish Council groupings that have emerged specifically to fight for the rights of their parishioners for quieter airspace. (The High Weald Aviation Action Group and the Association of Parish Councils Aviation Group). Between them they formally represent over 30 Parish Councils.
Both groups fully support the need for fair and equitable dispersal.

It is essential that all four major aviation stakeholders (NATS, Gatwick, CAA and DfT) engage together to fully implement all the proposals in the Review.

Please receipt this nomination paper.

Thank you

A Critical Moment

We are at a critical moment. So many times I've told you how much your voice counts to help bring about potential change.

Never has it counted more than now.

For without the right representation on the NMB, we could end up clutching disaster from the very jaws of a form of success.

A vote for those above is a vote for fair and equitable dispersal and for a fully widened swathe - on both sides of the airport.

We have given over two years of our lives to achieve change.

Can you spare two minutes to send an email?

Collectively with other groups -

We have driven a Judicial Review to the Court of Appeal, to be a test case for the nation. Less than 16% of JRs get to the final hearing. We raised over £150,000 to do so. (Thank you again).
We have entirely changed Kent's views on the 2nd runway.
We have defeated a woeful 'Consultation'.
We have secured the Arrivals Review.
We have never wavered; we have never stopped believing; we have never taken the aviation industry's word for it.
We are deeply honoured to have been recorded in Hansard this month for our work.

We have achieved.
On paper.

Now help us achieve where it counts.
In the skies.

Thank you

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not


A major proposal of the recent Arrivals Review was to create a Noise Management Board ("NMB").

This board will be central to ensuring the Review’s other proposals are fully implemented.

We are appealing to you right now to ensure that we have the representation needed on this board.

We need you to take two minutes to send an email, as above.

It really could help restore some tranquillity to your lives.

  1. The NMB presently has two seats for Community Group Representatives – one from the East and one from the West of Gatwick. These have to be named (and an Alternate has to also be named).

    It has been up to the community groups to decide who to propose.

    I am delighted to advise that the majority of the campaign groups who are backing anyone, back those names you see above. 
    If you want to see greater dispersal, make sure you vote as above. We invented the phrase "fair and equitable dispersal" and insisted it became central to the Terms of Reference for the Review.

  2. Presently the plans from Gatwick are for the 'Two Local Council' representatives to be from the four County Councils adjacent to Gatwick, on a rotating basis.
    We think this is wrong and that these seats should be for the two collectives of Parish Councils that have been established to fight the changes.
    They are called the High Weald Council Aviation Action Group ("HWCAAG") and the Association of Parish Councils Aviation Group ("APCAG").

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April 29th 2016

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