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Democracy weighs in

You may recall that in the last newsletter I said I would come back to you with advice on what to say to Gatwick about their "minded to" response to the Arrivals Review.

Since then democracy has reared its powerful head. Twice.


These 4 MP's include 2 Cabinet Ministers. They also wrote a similar letter to the Chair of the CAA.

I can't imagine Martin Rolfe or Dame Deirdre Hutton really saying "No" to a meeting, can you?

Secondly, Tom Tugendhat MP has secured a Debate in Westminster Hall (in the Palace of Westminster) this Wednesday 20th April at 9.30am.

'The effect of aircraft noise on local communities'

This Chamber is second only to the House of Commons. Tom will speak for the first 20 minutes.
Is this the first time a debate that will definitely cover fight path issues in detail has been heard on the national stage? We think so - a very significant moment and we salute Tom and his team for securing this ground-breaking event.

"I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead"
(Mark Twain)
We have decided to hold off with our advice until after the debate. We also wish to make it as succinct as we possibly can, while still covering all the key issues.

This takes time to prepare properly.
When we are ready we will be asking you to write in your own words to an email address set up by Gatwick for that purpose, cc'ing Tom (as his office has expressly requested).

Your voice counts like never before. All that is happening now (see above) is thanks to the incredible momentum you have given the campaign since Day 1.

Don't worry, you have until mid-May to respond to Gatwick during their self-described "engagement" period.
We're not sure when the honeymoon might be.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

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April 18th 2016

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