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Gatwick accepts the Review's recommendations (sort-of)

"Gatwick has accepted or is minded to accept all of the recommendations of the review"
Alison Addy, Head of Community Engagement, Gatwick

"I was very pleased by the response of all those concerned to the Arrivals Review and I am now delighted that Gatwick has announced that it will accept all of our recommendations."
Bo Redeborn, Leader, Gatwick Arrivals Review

IF you have ever written an email to Gatwick, the CAA, NATS or your MP

IF you have ever called the noise line, urged us to carry on or sent us a donation

IF you have ever attended a village or town hall meeting, helped with leaflets or encouraged others to Do Something

Then it may just all have been worth it.
(With apologies to Kipling)

A month ago Tom Tugendhat MBE, MP stood on stage in Penshurst and asked you to write to him and the Chairman of Gatwick, Sir Roy McNulty saying in your own words why the Arrivals Review's 23 proposals must be accepted in full.
You did so, and in your hundreds.

Last Thursday, Gatwick gave their official response.

We are minded to ask you to tell them to lose the caveats. And we are not alone.

We also invited our colleagues across the national campaigning spectrum to send us their comments.

And 4 MPs united in sending out a strong message which we include below.

Our thoughts?
Put in the context of where we all were a year ago, we are now at a very significant moment, thanks to you.
This is but a first step, with the lights still hovering on amber.
We need your help to move them to green. I'll explain how in the next newsletter.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

"There is no doubt this is another significant step in the right direction and we are pleased that all the recommendations in the Independent Arrivals Review have been accepted by Gatwick.

"However, the fight is far from over and none of us will rest until these changes are made.

"In particular, terms such as 'minded to' and 'subject to further discussions' must not be get-outs from the clear recommendations.

"The four of us are united in our determination to see these proposals implemented without delay and we have asked to meet Gatwick Airport Limited, the CAA and NATS as soon as possible to press this case."

Tom Tugendhat MP (Tonbridge and Malling)
Greg Clark MP (Tunbridge Wells)
Michael Fallon MP (Sevenoaks)
Nus Ghani MP (Wealden)

Gatwick area groups


"We welcome all the positives from Gatwick accepting the Review’s recommendations. We are concerned however about the 'we are minded' caveats to some of our acute concerns. We look forward to seeing words being translated into action. We see the arrivals review as a first positive step but with more work to be done."
Dominic Nevill, Chair
East Sussex Communities for the Control of Air Noise,(ESCCAN)

"We are pleased that GAL has finally acknowledged the points raised by the recent arrivals review and agreed to implement its recommendations.
It has taken significant time and effort from campaign groups to force the review.
Trust needs to be built. The noise management board needs to be an effective body not merely a placebo."
Clare Himmer
Speldhurst Against Gatwick (SPAG)

"Looks promising but the devil is in the delivery. For us, the starting point is implementation of the full swathe for both sides of the airport, followed by the rest of the 23 recommendations GAL have promised to accept/implement."
Jeremy Stirling
Langton Green Village Society (LGVS)


(APCAG is a newly formed organisation that represents an increasing number of Parish Councils to the west of Gatwick. This electoral base gives it very considerable credence across the region).

"We are hugely encouraged by Gatwick's positive response to the conclusions of the Arrivals Review and view it as a good, tentative, first step in the next stage of working together to address aircraft noise around the airport. The sooner Gatwick drops their 'minded to accept' from some of the recommendations the better.
It is encouraging that Gatwick at last realises that far from being the enemy, groups like APCAG and its allies to the east of the airport, are actually able to make a positive contribution to finding how best to distribute aircraft noise; NATS, the CAA and the DfT will hopefully reach the same conclusion."
Peter Drummond, Chair
Association of Parish Councils Aviation Group (APCAG)

"We are encouraged by both the independent Arrivals Review and Gatwick's response to it. The attitude change from Gatwick management has been transformational. They acknowledge the need to work closely with communities going forwards and the establishment of the Noise Management Board is the first step."
Ian Hare, Chair,
Pulborough against Gatwick Noise and Emissions (PAGNE)

Heathrow area

"We congratulate the Gatwick campaign groups in securing this review but residents should not have had to fight so hard to be heard. Unfortunately, the current system for regulating the aviation industry offers no protection for ordinary people on the ground and this needs to change as a matter of urgency.
Katie Williams,
Teddington Action Group, (TAG)

"The devil will very much in the detail to ensure fairness for everybody, but this is an important first step in recognizing that people matter when drawing up flight paths."
John Stewart, Chair
Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN)

Edinburgh area

"Airports can be a real Goliath; the noise and pollution their gigantic planes create for the unfortunate people beneath, often many miles from the end of the runway, gives them enormous power to rob entire Communities of their peace, health and well being - sometimes overnight with little warning.
Often run by wealthy financiers, an airport can change the use of the sky above us on a whim, without any consultation and sometimes even without a shred of evidence that it is really necessary.
But, the "Davids" - ordinary people all round the country who just want the right to enjoy our homes and gardens in peace - have spoken out in outrage at what has been done to them and they will not allow their lives to be blighted by ruthless corporations.
As a member of one of the many Communities now also badly affected by the actions of another GIP owned airport; Edinburgh, we are watching events around Gatwick very carefully, and we send our very best wishes that the arrivals review will bring some respite at last to the Communities so affected by the operations of the Gatwick Goliath.

"David vs Goliath it may be, but we all remember that it was David who triumphed in the end."
Helena Paul
Stop Edinburgh Airspace Trial (SEAT)

The Gatwick Press Release

Sent: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:09

Subject: Gatwick accepts all 23 recommendations of Independent Arrivals Review

Good afternoon,

I understand that you may have attended one of the events organised by Bo Redeborn as part of his Independent Arrivals Review.  My apologies if this is the second email that you have received from me today on this topic, however I was keen to ensure that we contacted everyone who has been involved in the Review to date.

Gatwick has today published a detailed response to the Independent Arrivals Review conducted by Bo Redeborn earlier this year. You can read it here.

As you will see from our press release below, Gatwick has accepted or is minded to accept all of the recommendations of the review and has published an action plan for each recommendation. It should be noted that action on some of the Review recommendations falls entirely within the responsibility of Gatwick Airport Limited, while others require that GAL initiate a discussion with one or more of the other stakeholders involved, including the Department for Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority and NATS. In some cases, further analysis and community engagement will be necessary before final decisions can be made on the precise steps to be taken.

We will now enter a phase of local community engagement and we are delighted that Bo Redeborn has agreed to stand for the newly created role of Chairman of the independent Noise Management Board.

Kind Regards

Alison Addy
Head of Community Engagement


Thursday 31st March 2016

Gatwick responds to Arrivals Review

Gatwick Airport has today published a detailed response to the Independent Arrivals Review which was concluded in January.

In its response, Gatwick has accepted or is minded to accept all of the recommendations of the Review. The airport has published an action plan for the implementation of each recommendation, although in some cases further refinement may be needed after more detailed technical and planning work with other stakeholders, and after analysis of community feedback.

The publication of this plan by the end of March fulfils one of the recommendations of the Review. Gatwick has allotted six weeks for local community feedback and to allow all those who took part in the Review to consider its proposed action plan. In some instances, preparatory work has already begun enabling the implementation of recommendations to be completed as soon as possible.

One recommendation of the Review was to put in place an independent Noise Management Board including the main aviation stakeholders and representatives of local communities. This recommendation has been accepted and Bo Redeborn, who led the Review, is being proposed by Gatwick to be the first Chairman of the NMB. Graham Lake, who worked together with Bo on the Review, has been retained by Gatwick as part of a team established to take forward the recommendations.

Gatwick Airport Chairman Sir Roy McNulty said:

"The independent Arrivals Review has proved to be a very constructive process and I am very pleased both by the positive nature of its recommendations and by the positive reception it has received. We have published today an implementation plan for each recommendation and I believe that in aggregate these actions will make a significant difference to the noise impacts experienced by residents around the airport.

"So that the very constructive engagement established by the Review will continue in the future we are keen to establish the independent Noise Management Board it recommended as soon as possible. I think most people have been impressed by the balanced and judicious manner in which Bo conducted the Review and there seems to be strong support for the proposal that he be the first chairman of the independent Noise Management Board. Gatwick is committed to making that Board a successful and effective influence in the management of noise issues in future and we will give it whatever help it needs to make that happen.

"Gatwick has also noted the Review’s recommendation in respect of the in-house resources necessary to implement its proposals. We have already established a team to do this and will be adding further resources in the near future. Once we have assessed community feedback and any further comment from the stakeholders involved in this Review, we will be in a very good position to take swift and effective action on its recommendations."

Bo Redeborn, who led the Arrivals Review, said:

"I was very pleased by the response of all those concerned to the Arrivals Review and I am now delighted that Gatwick has announced that it will accept all of our recommendations.

"There is clearly a good deal of work to be done to bring this about and I am very pleased to have been proposed to be Chairman of the independent Noise Management Board.

"In that role, one of the first things I would be doing is to monitor how Gatwick, and the other stakeholders who contributed to this Review, implement the recommendations that have now been accepted."


Gatwick Airport’s response to the Arrivals Review can be read here.

Feedback can be provided to Gatwick Airport by email -

– or by post:

Gatwick Airport Arrivals Review
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April 4th 2016

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