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Your superb response

A few weeks ago at the Penshurst meeting, and since via these newsletters, we asked you to write a hand-crafted email to Sir Roy McNulty (Chairman of Gatwick) and Tom Tugendhat MP.

Your response has been simply magnificent.

Thank you

At the last count Tom's office had received 258 individual emails on this subject. We assume Sir Roy has received a similar number, if not more.

We're told Gatwick's way of treating its neighbours is by far the biggest issue in Tom's postbag.

I have been copied in to very many of your messages and have tried to thank you all individually. Apologies if I have missed you. Without exception the ones I saw absolutely hit the nail on the head in terms of demanding Gatwick:

On 31st March Gatwick will advise us all of their official response to the Review.
A total of over 30 Parish Councils (from all sides of the airport) have now signed up to the policy of fair and equitable dispersal, and we know Tom has demanded it.
All the campaign groups to the east of Gatwick, and three out of four to the west demand it.
We estimate that the PC's alone represent around 100,000 people.
Tom's majority was over 23,000

We expect democracy to carry the day and that your voice will be heard.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

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March 23rd 2016

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