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We really need you to send an email to Tom Tugendhat MP and Sir Roy McNulty, Chairman of Gatwick.
As soon as possible. Please.

Many of you already have after our newsletter earlier this week. I have been copied into so many powerful and personal messages to them. I try and thank you all individually but such is the quantity I can hardly keep up.

(And a reminder about my last Q&A drop-in session for tomorrow, Saturday)


This demonstrates where aircraft join the final approach, in nautical miles from the airport. As you can see "fair and equitable dispersal" over a wide swathe was very much the story in 2008. Rather less so in 2015.

We sent you a short film the other day to illustrate what "fair and equitable dispersal" could look like for arrivals into Gatwick.
If you missed it, it's here. Do turn your sound on first.

The blue columns represent the actual data from 2008 (source: GACC).

Could anything demonstrate the reason for all the fury, despair and frustration more clearly?

The red columns represent our own estimate for the narrowing of the swathe, given that Andrew Haines, CEO of the CAA advised on 5th December 2014 that "… the tactical point that controllers started to aim for became somewhere between 10 to 12 nautical miles …"
(This sentence in Mr Haines' letter to Richard Streatfeild MBE, leader of the High Weald group, was central to our decision to launch the Judicial Review). It had been 7-12nm.

Right now - as in right now - Gatwick et al are assessing the Arrivals Review.
Central to the Review's proposals is to re-widen the swathe's width from its present 2nm to 6nm (going from 10-12nm from the airport to 8-14nm).

This will help start to bring a return to "fair and equitable dispersal" - the mantra of nearly all the campaign groups, east and west of the airport.

Without a widened swathe, there is no room to reverse the devastating changes wrought on tens of thousands of innocent ground-dwellers that NATS, Gatwick and the CAA ignored when playing with our airspace.

Please email, in your own words, to Tom and Sir Roy. Simply ask them to ensure the full, proposed swathe is adopted on both sides of the airport. Advise them that this really is only the first step in the process of returning some tranquillity to your life, and much is yet to be done to achieve that.

Some people want to keep the swathes narrowed and Sir Roy has made significant reference to this in recent letters. Please advise him of your overwhelming demand for "fair and equitable dispersal" - which can only be achieved if Gatwick accept the Review's proposals in full..

Who to email:;;
(Donna Silver is the PA to Sir Roy - we don't have his direct email)

Some other useful people you could cc:

CEOs of NATS, CAA and Gatwick respectively:;;;

Chair, CAA;

PA to Chair and CEO, CAA;

Thank you.

Q&A sessions

Tomorrow morning (Saturday 12th March), I will be in the Leicester Arms, Penshurst from 10.30am – 12.30pm to try and answer any questions you may have. Anyone from any area (or indeed Gatwick, NATS, CAA or DfT) is very welcome.

It is the last of my 4 drop-in Q&A sessions, which have been rather busy!

The Leicester Arms, High Street, Penshurst, Kent TN11 8BT

Remember Martin's 1,000 mile ride from Spain to Penshurst?

You may recall that last Autumn I cycled from Spain to Penshurst "1,000 miles in 10 days" for this campaign. The fantastic crew at Velo Cylces in Tunbridge Wells who did so much to make it possible are trying to break the London-Paris record this weekend and do it in an incredible 16 hours! They are doing it for Sport Relief.


Martin Barraud
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March 11th 2016

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