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Time is running out

Two weeks ago, 263 of you crammed into Penshurst Village Hall for our meeting to brief you on all that is going on to try and change your airspace.

Two important issues were highlighted that night, one from the floor, one by Tom Tugendhat MP from the stage:

This short film has a suggestion about how fair and equitable dispersal could look. It's sub-title could be "What we had before the devastating and un-consulted changes took place in 2013". You may want to turn up the volume before playing it.



We need you to email the Chairman of Gatwick and Tom Tugendhat MP, and as soon as possible. You could also copy in any of the other email addresses we list below.
It can be very brief, but it has far greater value if you write in your own words.

We are in close contact with Tom's office and they are looking forward to your messages.

It is so important for this reason: At the end of March, Gatwick respond to the Arrivals Review. That Review is seen by many as a first step in restoring some tranquillity. It is by absolutely no means a cure-all and, as I emphasised time and again at the meeting, we still have an enormous amount to do.
However one proposal from the Review is to re-widen the arrivals swathe from its present 2 nautical mile width to 6nm. This follows our insistence that "fair and equitable dispersal" formed a key part of the Terms of Reference for the Review.

We have near universal support for a re-widened swathe across all the campaign groups, East and West. Indeed, we've sent a letter saying as much to Gatwick,countersigned by all those groups.
However one sole group, to the west of Gatwick, ('CAGNE') is objecting to the re-widened swathe and Gatwick's Chairman has highlighted this as follows:

"Gatwick is aware of concerns expressed by CAGNE about the recommendation that the ILS joining point minimum for easterly arrivals should be moved closer to the runway. Particular consideration will be given to that issue."

It is therefore extremely important for you to write what you can to Sir Roy McNulty and Tom Tugendhat, insisting that the full swathe be used and that concentrated arrivals will not be tolerated.

We have the full agreement of those formally representing parish councils on both sides of the airport.
This elected voice is becoming ever more relevant to the debate.

Please also state that:

I cannot emphasise enough the value of every single voice.
That means yours!


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

Addresses for your emails:

Tom Tugendhat MP

PA to Sir Roy McNulty, Chairman of Gatwick

Chairman of GIP, the owners of Gatwick

CEO, Gatwick

Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director at Gatwick Airport

CAA Chair, CEO and PA to both



Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP

Secretary of State for Transport

CEO, easyJet

Paul Carter, Leader, Kent County Council

Noise Complaints Line

A cut-and-paste list of these addresses, for your ease of use:

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March 9th 2016

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