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Independent Review tells Gatwick to "quieten down"

As ITV News reported it:

An Independent Review has ordered that Gatwick Airport make dramatic steps to improve the lives of families living under the flightpath…



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Following your collective hounding of Gatwick, the CAA and NATS, (and our hounding of Sir John Major, chair of Gatwick's advisory board) last autumn the Chairman of Gatwick, Sir Roy McNulty offered a formal Arrivals Review.

We negotiated the Terms of Reference with very significant input from our fellow campaign groups and core to all was the need for 'fair and equitable dispersal' to be a keystone of the Review.
All groups signed up to these Terms of Reference. As did Gatwick.

On Thursday 28th January, Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake presented their final proposals to a full house, including press, aviation professionals, campaign groups and many individuals so affected by aircraft noise.

We will study them in greater detail and give our response in due course. But we are pleased to confirm that central to the proposals is the demand for a wider arrivals joining swathe, taking the present 2 nautical mile swathe to one 6 nm wide.


You may recall that the major reason for the near 1,000% increase in complaints and the emergence of several highly active campaign groups since the winter of 2015 was because they unilaterally and without any warning narrowed the swathe by 60% from 5nm to just 2nm.

It was interesting to hear the senior people from NATS say to the room that they 'recommend' everything in the report.

Gatwick said
"Gatwick Airport has welcomed the report and its recommendations and will examine the report's conclusions with a view to proceeding with as many of them as possible in the shortest practicable time."

Our initial thoughts are that this is a useful first stage in restoring some tranquility to your skies and we certainly join with others in thanking Bo and Graham for their dedication and diligence in all that they have done to put together this highly detailed Review.

Gatwick press release:–01–28-gatwick-welcomes-independent-review-of-arrivals.aspx

Full final report:

In other news…

This weekend, we are meeting in London along with 40 campaign leaders from 10 different airports around the country to discuss the way forward on flight paths. We have Airport Watch to thank for coordinating this.
Never have so many been so united in search of the greater tranquility that we all deserve, wherever we are in the nation.
We're gradually making sure that never again can the aviation industry ignore the ground-dwellers in their plans.

The Village Meeting called for Penshurst (all welcome, from anywhere, including the aviation industry) is indeed being held at Penshurst Village Hall. I gave out a confusing address in the last newsletter for which I apologise.
It is to be held at 8.00pm on Friday 26th February.
The Village Hall, High St, Penshurst, Kent TN11 8BP

Tom Tugendhat, MP will attend and speak.

The highly respected Leicester Arms (virtually opposite the Hall) has very kindly offered a pre-meeting special 'Flight Path' supper deal. All details below.


Our GoFundMe crowdfunding site is standing at £43,606 today. Our aim and need is to get that to £50,000. We'll have a greater focus on this in due course, but any donations of any size extremely welcome. Thank you! It's very quick and easy.

I will very soon reveal news on the £30,000 donations to charity that some of our supporters put together to encourage you to take the time to donate. We've heard countless times that many mean to donate (and 273 have!) but it's just about getting around to it…
£30,000 to charity if you can spare 2 minutes?

Sounds fair and equitable to me.


Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

From the Leicester Arms 

With regard to the meeting on the 26th Feb, we would like to announce a pre-meeting offer as follows:

All at £10.

The kitchen will be open at 6pm for orders.

Kind Regards

Richard Barrett
General Manager

T. 01892 871617

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January 29th 2016

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