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Judicial Review - Appeal for Permission successful


I'm delighted to advise you that we have just heard that we have won our Appeal (against the initial failure to secure Permission) to now take the Judicial Review to a full Substantive Hearing.

Furthermore, The Rt. Hon.Lord Justice Burnett has stated that it must be held in the Appeal Court (superior to the High Court) to:
"… obtain an authoritative ruling on the meaning of relevant provisions, which govern similar arrangements at airports other than Gatwick"

In other words, a full-on test case.

How the London Evening Standard is reporting the news tonight:


View the Evening Standard story here

The legal team say this vindicates the arguments made before the High Court Judge that this clearly is a seriously arguable case.

While we have won nothing yet in terms of a final decision, this is the right moment to give our thanks to two groups of people: the legal team and our donors.

Our Barristers - John Steel QC and James Potts of 39 Essex Chambers, and our solicitor, Chad Sutton of Maples Teesdale - deserve enormous credit for guiding us to this very significant moment; they could not have been more engaged, professional or focussed in helping us try to secure justice for us all.

Our donors - you - have been equally magnificent. In that dramatic first week back in February we received pledges of over £100,000 from those living in the villages to the west of Tunbridge Wells.
We followed this by launching our Crowd Funding site at the giant message in the field day in the summer of 2015.


This has so far raised a total of more than £41,000 from over 250 of you


Thank you. So much.

It has been worth it, whatever happens now.

All my very best

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

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January 6th 2016

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