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Momentum …

  1. The Arrivals Review

    We are in regular dialogue with Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake, the team leading the Review and will report any significant progress when we have it.

  2. Retained Airspace Designers

    'to70', the designers we have retained in Holland, have agreed their budget to be funded by Gatwick (£30,000). I met with them recently in The Hague to fully brief them. They have been retained to both help with the potential re-design of the flight paths and to give us technical advice for any plans we may put forward.

    They will also scrutinise very carefully any technical reasons advised to us by Gatwick, NATS or their various affiliates for not being able to implement preferred options.

  3. Strength through unity

    1. The campaign groups to the east of Gatwick are working in close co-operation in overseeing the Review, and in other critical areas. I am extremely pleased to advise that all have made very generous donations to GON, and nothing can demonstrate more clearly to you or Gatwick et al that we really are united in our determination to bring greater tranquility to your skies. A new group is emerging and we are already in discussions with them.

    2. The campaign groups (re flight path changes) from Heathrow, Gatwick, City and now Stansted Airports, continue to work closely together and through that we are in discussions with senior officers at the DfT. We meet the Minister for Aviation in November. This group is actively and effectively seeking wider representation across the nation's airports.

  4. "Raising funds, raising awareness, showing that we are determined to see this through"

    Those were the 3 reasons I set out to cycle 1,000 miles in 10 days, from Spain to Penshurst:


    I arrived back as the church bells were tolling 3pm, to a warm and generous crowd last Saturday.


    While we definitely did raise much awareness and substantial funds (the Crowd Funding total increased by over £10,000 during the 10 days – thank you!), it was actually the third reason that became the most relevant in my mind.

    Frankly, it's not easy to ride over 100 miles every day for 9 days continuously.
    (9 days because the ferry across the Channel wiped out a day, but counted as part of the 10 days. It did not count for the mileage!)

    With each rotation of the pedals I became ever more determined to see this project through to its just and rightful conclusion.

    Miles ridden: 1,007
    Duration of entire journey: 9 days, 23 hours 39 minutes
    Actual ride time: 93 hours 55 minutes
    Calories burnt: 70,776
    Pounds lost: 5 (I ate often and very fully)
    Pounds added: £10,565
    Cost of ride to GON: Nil
    Website visits: 17,182 in 2015 with an average of 1,700 unique visitors per month
    Best moment: Arriving home
    Worst moment: Emerging from ferry into Portsmouth harbour at 7pm on a Friday night after days cycling along the Loire and through Brittany
    Best technology: SatNav(!), social media,
    Best news: Hearing that the Minister for Aviation had stated in a debate on the Monday half-way through my trip that dispersal as opposed to concentration was now on the agenda for discussion. (That was like a gallon of rocket fuel)
    Scariest moment: A wild boar appearing on the cycle path at twilight. I cycled faster than Sir Chris Hoy for at least a mile
    Do it again? Won't need to, we will see this through
    Links: All blogs here
    Crowd Fund site here



Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not!

October 27th 2015

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