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The Minister speaks

On Monday Robert Goodwill, the Minister for Aviation, said the following. It is extremely significant and we are absolutely certain would not have happened without your collective voice: 

"There is a debate to be had as to whether we should fly down these accurate navigation lanes and limit the number of people affected or whether we should in effect go back to the situation we had in the past where (because aircraft could not navigate so accurately) we had a dispersed level of flying out of the airports concerned and therefore the noise was spread around."

"I remind the House that, as is set out in the aviation policy framework that was published in 2013, our overall policy is to limit and, when possible, reduce the number of people in the UK who are significantly affected by aircraft noise. That remains our overarching policy, and the aviation industry is fully aware of it."

"In certain circumstances, such as when there is intensive use of certain routes, and following engagement with local communities, it may be appropriate to explore options for respite. Such engagement is crucial for delivering results that work for communities and the aviation industry."

Robert Goodwill, Minister for Aviation
Adjournment Debate, Mitigation of Noise Around Heathrow 19/10/2015

18 months of cohesive protest is delivering the message where it needs to be heard.
Dispersal, not concentration.

Now we must ensure that the debate continues through to the right conclusion. For you - and for all in the the nation who may be in line for the sudden and life-destroying noise ghettos presently being proposed through the misuse of technology.

Our Group of Groups (Heathrow + Gatwick + City + Stansted airport flight path campaign groups) meets Robert Goodwill in mid-November.

Meet the Gatwick Arrivals Review Team

Friday 23rd October, Crowborough

This is a very good opportunity to meet face-to-face those who will help influence your airspace in the near future. See all details at the base of this newsletter.

Spain to Penshurst - 1,000 miles by cycle in 10 days


I'm slowly making my way home. Day 8 (out of 10) completed with a total of some 877 miles done so far.

Over 61,000 calories consumed, funding at £31,991 since our Crowd Funding was launched at the field message event.

I have to arrive back in Penshurst at 3pm on Saturday to make it within 10 days.

Raising awareness - raising funds - demonstrating we will not give up.

You can see all the details on our web site at, with links to all my social media postings.



Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not!


Friday 23rd October - 17.00 - 18.00
All Saints Church, Crowborough

Nus Ghani, Member of Parliament for Wealden, will be hosting a community drop-in meeting in Crowborough on Friday 23 October with lead members of the independent review of air traffic at and around Gatwick Airport.

Ms Ghani recently met with Mr Bo Redeborn, who is leading the review, and Mr Graham Lake, Technical Adviser, to discuss the terms of the review and the concerns of Ms Ghani's constituents with respect to noise and disruption from aircraft.

Mr Redeborn and Mr Lake have agreed to join her at All Saints Church, Crowborough, between 17:00 and 18:00 on Friday 23 October, where constituents who would like to submit evidence to the review are able to meet with them and discuss their concerns.

Ms Ghani has previously welcomed Gatwick Airport’s decision to commission the review, saying last month that she was "pleased that it has acknowledged the strength of feeling of many of my constituents" and that she hoped "to be closely involved" in it.

She added to those remarks today, saying: "I was delighted, when I met with Bo and Graham, by their desire to engage, their independence from Gatwick Airport, and their determination to reach a mutually beneficial solution. Their expertise is well known, but it is pleasing that that expertise is being accompanied by a strong willingness to listen to Wealden's residents."

Mr Redeborn said: "We are currently in the vital listening phase of our review and have yet to say no to anyone who wants to talk to us. I hope that many people will be able to join us in Crowborough to have their say, because understanding their perspective is an important part of the review process."

October 22nd 2015

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