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Full dispersal • • • Maximum altitude • • • Continuous Descent

Man v Plane

Helping to raise GON's profile, funds and trigger £30,000 for charity.

Around 4pm on Wednesday, I shall leave San Sebastian in Spain to cycle back to Penshurst, Kent. 1,000 miles in 10 days.



Three reasons:

  1. To raise awareness of our on-going campaign to bring some tranquillity to your skies. You will have seen from the previous newsletter (search 'GON - Adjusting the ailerons' in your in-box or junk folder) that discussions and negotiations are well underway with the DfT, NATS, Gatwick and the Arrivals Review to do just that.

  2. To raise funds for the campaign. Specifically the thinking here is this; many of you have commented that you mean to donate, but haven't quite got around to it.

    So if I can take 10 days out of a busy schedule to do this onerous ride, can you take 2 minutes to go online?

    Many of you have already of course - an enormous thank you. You've managed to get us past the halfway mark! We launched the Crowd Funding at our 'message in a field' day, aiming for £50,000.

    This morning we stood at £26,111. Amazing.


    If we raise those funds for Gatwick Obviously Not, it will also trigger donations of £30,000 to charity that have been extremely generously put forward as an incentive by some previous donors to GON. All details on our Crowd Funding site here:

  3. Quite simply to demonstrate to the aviation world we are not going to go away and are determined to see this through.

You can follow my progress on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Search '1,000 miles in 10 days' and look out for this icon as there are several with similar names


You can go to any of the sites via these links  @manvplane

You can also text your support via my usual number, if you have it, or if not, to this temporary number:  0747 0334 260 - but don't forget to leave your name if you want me to know who it is from!


Solo and unsupported - apart from your texts and posts to social media.

I hope you'll understand if I fail to respond to your messages, but rest assured I will read them all. Even those from Gatwick.

I am taking cameras on-board for the documentary about aviation in Britain to be aired by the BBC in February next year.

I am incredibly grateful to my Personal Trainer, Will Holme, who some months ago took on this challenge to turn me from someone who couldn't possibly cycle 100 miles a day for 10 days into someone who just might. If I succeed it will be thanks to him.

I return to Penshurst on Saturday 24th October at around 3pm.



Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not!

October 12th 2015

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