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Thank you!


Just over a week ago many of you joined us for our 'message in a field' where I also launched our Crowd Funding initiative.


It is simply astonishing to see the level of generosity and already we stand at over £12,000 from 72 donors.

This includes offline payments direct to our bank since then.

May we urge you to consider donating if you haven’t so far?

It is equally straightforward to pay via the GoFundMe platform or direct.

I have copied in below the description from the GoFundMe site - please note particularly the very strong incentives for you to go from thinking about it to doing it!

What are we doing right now?

Working closely with 6 other campaign groups surrounding Gatwick to ensure the McNulty Review of arrivals is truly effective.

Sir John Major is Chairman of the Advisory Board to Gatwick's major shareowners, GIP. We wrote to him several times urging him to persuade Gatwick to hear your collective protest.

Sir John then wrote to Sir Roy McNulty, who is the Chairman of Gatwick. He in turn wrote to us recently offering a full review of all westerly arrivals - those coming in to Gatwick from the east.
A very significant moment and entirely due to the many levels of protest you have undertaken over the last year.

We are working right now to ensure both the Terms of Reference and the Review itself are effective. GON has a Strategic Team of 15 and we are working as one on this and several other initiatives with 6 other campaign groups around Gatwick.
Just within GON's team, let alone the other groups, there are several highly experienced company Chairmen (including the joint-founder of AIM), lawyers and other professionals all of whom are alert to any attempt to push this issue 'into the long grass'.

We simply won't let that happen.

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not!

See our Crowd Funding site here (where you can also donate of course):

See drone footage here from the field event here:

See the ITV piece about the field event that led the news on Monday 17th August here:

Donations can be made via GoFundMe

For Direct payments into our bank account:
Name: GON
Lloyds Bank
Account No: 54435360
Sort code: 30–98–77

Thank you.

The Campaign Description from the GoFundMe Crowd Funding platform

Can you afford not to give £100?
We're seeking donations of around £100 (but of course we welcome even more). If the aircraft superhighway at Gatwick goes ahead, the homes beneath it will lose 25-35% of their value, as those living there are forced to endure the creation of a noise ghetto, where once they lived happily.

Three incentives for you to donate
(apart from achieving some tranquillity in your lives)
Turn £100 into £20,000

The greatest challenge we have in fundraising is not seeking those with the intention and ability to give, it is simply persuading them to take the few minutes to actually do it.
We recognise this, so have taken time to secure some powerful incentives. We hope they help you turn good thoughts into a great deed.

Incentive 1:
We have one major donor who will donate £10,000 to GON once we reach £50,000 from the Crowd Funding venture.

Incentive 2:
Together we can generate £20,000 for charity.
I am delighted to advise that due to the remarkable generosity of two previous major donors to GON, if we reach £50,000 for GON through Crowd Funding, they have agreed to donate £20,000 to 3 charities of their choice:

£10,000 to Orbis, who operate the world's only flying eye hospital.

£5,000 to St Mungos, who provide a bed and support to over 2,500 homeless people every night

£5,000 to the Pickering Cancer Drop in Centre in Tunbridge Wells

Incentive 3:
I will be cycling 1,000 miles in 10 days from Spain to Penshurst in October. More about this in due course but frankly I'm only doing it to persuade you to take 2 minutes to enter your payment details. And I'm not young or a super-fit cyclist.

GON (Gatwick Obviously NOT), the action group fighting this aviation disaster needs your help. We need 550 of you to give us £100 to reach our target of £65,000 this year. We are working tirelessly on behalf of everyone affected and now more than ever we need your financial support.

The largest proportion of the funds will be used for on-going legal costs. The rest is to cover the use of airspace designers (as consultants), events, website updates, newsletter design & distribution, and administration.

It is an expensive journey we are on but with your help we can protect all our futures.

In February this year, we launched a Judicial Review ('JR') against the CAA, raising over £100,000 in a week to do so.

We have played a key role in bringing together campaigners from around Gatwick, Heathrow and City airports to open dialogue with the aviation industry and the DfT. This is now underway.

We recently failed to secure Permission to go to a Full Hearing for the JR but GON's Strategic Team of 15 decided to Appeal this decision.
It must be clearly understood by all donors that we may fail again in our legal process.
However we believe the Judicial Review has brought substantial focus from all parties to the appalling unfairness of the present Air Change process and win or lose, it has been extremely effective in concentrating minds.

Gatwick Obviously ('GON') came into existence in the summer of 2014 to fight the flight path changes that have devastated so many lives under the approach paths to Gatwick in West Kent and East Sussex. We were a very significant force in turning Kent County Council against the 2nd runway and in ensuring an 'unfit for purpose' consultation was deferred.

Please do take the time to give what you can.
For we have, in every sense.

Thank you

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not!

August 24th 2015

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