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This piece from ITV led their Meridian news on Monday evening

(Courtesy of ITV)

To see the ITV piece, click on the image above or on this link:

On Sunday around 900 people took the time to demonstrate their anger towards Gatwick over the devastating changes to flight paths - both recent and proposed.

A message on the ground for Gatwick and a giant message for all those in the aviation industry that we demand our airspace back. For over a century, since flight was invented, they have done exactly as they pleased with it.

No more. We demand our skies back.

Aviation industry - it would be wise not to ignore the growing fury of those on the ground.

On a very dark Sunday afternoon with the Heavens threatening a downpour and with many away on holiday, still 900 resilient souls, young and old, came out to demonstrate their support, from across the Counties.

Just over a year ago I knew our skies were being ripped asunder, but didn’t know why. We started this campaign to find out why and to recapture some tranquillity for the tens of thousands affected by your wanton destruction of the quiet enjoyment of our homes.

12 months on we can conceive, organise (and engage the media) with events like this one with comparative ease.

We're not going away.

Fundraising - your £100 could mean £20,000 for charity.
We sort the planes. You make other things better

At the Event, I launched our Crowd Funding initiative. Using GoFundMe we aim to raise up to £65,000 via donations of around £100 (or more if you can afford it please). Since the weekend we have already received more than £7,000 from 48 people …

It couldn't be easier to donate – just go to our Crowd Funding platform or pay into our dedicated bank (bank details below)

We know that many of you mean to donate, but haven't quite got around to it (you tell us so).
So we’ve built in some striking incentives for you to take a couple of minutes to do so.
If we reach £50,000, then two wonderfully generous previous donors will give a total of £20,000 to these charities:

And if we reach £50,000, another donor has pledged £10,000 to GON.

Lastly, and to hopefully finally persuade you to take the time to donate, I will take the time to cycle 1,000 miles in 10 days in October, from Spain to Penshurst. More of that in future newsletters. It's going to be quite a journey.

Like this Campaign.

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not!

More drone footage here or click the link below


Some of the media interest in our Field Event


GON Bank details

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Name: GON
Lloyds Bank
Number: 54435360
Sort code: 30-98-77

Please get in touch if you would like to pay via cheque

August 20th 2015

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