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Thank you Minister ...

Dear Database, all 2,166 of you,

On June 1st we advised you of the Joint Letter drafted and agreed by 15 campaign groups surrounding Gatwick, Heathrow and City Airports.

It was addressed to the Secretary of State and copied to the Prime Minister (and may be seen on our website). The BBC, ITV, FT, London Times and Evening Standard all ran with the story.

Today we received this helpful reply from the Minister for Aviation. (Below)

Rest assured we will not let up in our campaign to secure tranquillity in your skies and you can expect a flurry of newsletters over the next few days and weeks.

We have also been contacted by campaigners from around Farnborough Airport today and sense that very soon those opposed to the creation of noise ghettos throughout the south-east will be working as one - for the benefit of those living within 30 miles of every airport in the land.

An environmental persecution of the minorities with the current and proposed interpretation of Government policy by operators and regulators must not be allowed to flourish by stealth - or any other means.

It is not just, fair or right.

Many of you will know that we have initiated a Judicial Review process against the CAA in my name. You may also be interested to know what one of our fellow campaign groups (the Teddington Action Group near Heathrow) is considering a JR over the recent Air Quality Consultation, and it made headline news in today's Telegraph (business section).

Martin Barraud



June 16th 2015

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