Gatwick Obviously

Hever under threat from above.
Gatwick under pressure from all sides.

In its current issue, Country Life magazine has given a very prominent position to this piece on the shattered tranquility affecting the Heritage assets on all sides of Gatwick. Thanks to Sally Pavey, press officer at GACC and leader of the CAGNE, the campaign group for West Sussex residents. Could there be any clearer demonstration of our determination to work together, first heralded by the delivery of our United Message to Downing Street some weeks ago?


The legal case continues and as soon as we have any news on that front we will let you know. Meanwhile rest assured we and many others are working hard to ensure Gatwick knows full well the enduring environmental misery it is inflicting on so many, for the financial benefit of so few. (Probably domiciled in New York, South Korea, Australia and California)


A Penshurst resident.

April 9th 2015

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