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The United Message delivered to Downing Street yesterday


In December all the Campaign Groups opposing the changes to flight paths came together to form a joint message to take to Government, and indeed to show to all that we are as one.

Yeserday, that message was delivered to Downing Street by Campaign Group leaders, in the company of MPs Sir John Stanley, Sir Nicholas Soames, Crispin Blunt and Nick Herbert. (Unfortunately I could not be there).

The story was featured in The Standard last night:
"Flight changes into Gatwick are ruining lives, claims minister":

Read the Standard article here

The BBC interviewed Richard Streafeild (Chair of the High Weald group)
- you can see it here for the next 24 hours (19 minutes in):

See the BBC interview here

Sir John Stanley, MP, was interviewed by ITV News outside No.10:

See the ITV interview here

The Judicial Review we launched recently may be viewed on our website, or here:

Witness Statement by Martin_Barraud of GON

Statement of Facts and Grounds

Thank you for all your many messages of support as we endeavour to bring some tranquillity to your skies.

Martin Barraud

The United Message

23rd March 2015

Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister

All Gatwick Campaign Groups - The United Message

This statement of objectives, below, has been developed in response to the existing and potentially negative impacts of airspace changes at Gatwick Airport.

The re-organisation of airspace infrastructure around Gatwick has led to the introduction of changes in aircraft routing, based on technology changes in order to increase the runway throughput.

The changes have failed to properly take account of the impact of aircraft noise and noise shadows on the communities affected and have failed to meet government policy that is to reduce the number of people significantly affected by aircraft noise.

More people are now significantly affected by aircraft noise and further use of concentration will only exacerbate this statistic.

We, the undersigned, therefore propose the following:

The United Message

  1. To Strongly oppose the building of a new runway at Gatwick Airport.

  2. Flight Paths

    • Arrivals
      • Using PBN to achieve maximum dispersal of flight approach paths without using merge points
      • Using PBN to achieve the greatest possible safe height with smooth Continual Descent Approach at all times
      • Noise and noise shadow rather than Co2 to be the primary environmental consideration down from 6,000 feet in the design of all arrival routes
      • No night flights (currently defined as 11.30pm - 6am)
    • Departures
      • Using PBN to achieve the maximum dispersal of flight departure paths (restricted to areas previously overflown) within Noise Preferential Routes
      • Using PBN to achieve the greatest possible safe height with smooth Continual Ascent Departure at all times
      • Noise and noise shadow rather than Co2 to be the primary environmental consideration up to 6,000 feet in the design of all departure routes
      • No night flights (currently defined as 11.30pm - 6am)

    We wish to record the fact that communities within our groups are in tranquil, rural areas and are significantly affected by noise below 10,000ft. We are hopeful that the plight of these communities can be improved through our proposed change in policy to use PBN for maximum dispersal for flight arrivals and departures.

  3. The Airbus (single aisle aircraft series) design fault

    Issue: The A320 series of aircraft have a design fault in their wing fuel filler caps, which cause a debilitating whine. A straightforward fix exists via the fitting of a ‘vortex generator’

    Resolution: Ensure the retrofitting of vortex generators to correct this fault on aircraft used by operators at the soonest opportunity, by all means possible

Signatories on behalf of communities in West Sussex, Surrey, East Sussex and Kent:

Sally Pavey, CAGNE
Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

Dominic Nevill, ESCCAN
East Sussex Communities for the Control of Air Noise

Brendon Sewill, GACC
Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign<

Martin Barraud, GON
Gatwick Obviously

Ian Hare, PAGNE
Pulborough Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

Mike Ward, Plane Wrong

Also representing :

Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions East

Langton Green Village Society

Speldhurst Action Group

March 23rd 2015

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