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"I consider that the case against a 2nd runway at Gatwick is overwhelming"
Sir John Stanley, MP, 15th January 2015.


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In the latest extraordinary twist, last night Crawley, Gatwick's home town, turned their back on the airport in another highly significant vote against the second runway.

The Cllr's of West Sussex, Surrey and Kent have said "no" recently, representing over three million people.

They can't all be wrong.

However in East Sussex today they voted to support the 2nd runway by 27:19.
Two months ago there appeared to be no chance of even a debate on the subject; following immense pressure from many quarters (including ESCCAN & you) they not only held a debate but allowed a free vote. Thank you.

And in a very significant addendum to this, the Motion also stated that, if carried,
they would not support
"a narrow, concentrated arrival flight path and resolve that [flight paths] are shared across multiple routes to provide rotating respite."

Given that the next runway is probably 10 years away, this is actually a very powerful clause to have on the statute book now, as we look to significantly ramp up the Campaign to regain some tranquility in our skies.

As we have all so incontrovertibly shown, every single voice counts.
So please make sure the Commission hears yours, even if it's just via our 1-click response above.

Martin Barraud

January 27th 2015

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