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e-newsletter No.21

Prefer not to have a 2nd runway at Gatwick?
Then read on.

The Airport Commission Consultation

Tuesday 3rd February 2015, 11.45pm

(No time to read this newsletter? Download this short version of our response here and email it to It's much, much better than doing nothing)

You have been magnificent.

So, frankly, have we (that's all Campaign Groups, 13 and counting, working together to achieve our common goals):
A deferral of that woeful 'Consultation' in the Summer, followed by persuading England's largest 2-tier County Council (Kent) and the home of Gatwick (W.Sussex) to abandon their support for the second runway.
I wonder what odds we could have been offered this time last year for that triple-whammy.

But now it's The Big One. The Airport Commission want to know how you feel about Gatwick doubling in size.
About having an aircraft over your head every 30 seconds.
Or the opportunity to lose even more sleep from their atrocious attitude to our night time tranquility.
Whether you trust Gatwick to treat you as a Good Neighbour or really take easyJet to task over their easy-to-fix whine (tricky when they're your best customer). And believe it when they say, as they did last week to the BBC after the W.Sussex defeat:
"Gatwick is doing as much as possible to reduce the impact of aircraft noise on local residents".

Now is your last opportunity to influence the Commission before they make their final decision, just after the election.

This is not about the existing flight path issue - although if they have a second runway, the flights will necessarily double, of course.

So I have a personal and very direct message for you and it goes like this:
Since our inception only 8 months ago we have done our very best to understand the complex issues, rid them of aviation-speak and disseminate the information for you to react to, always seeking to make your response as easy as possible.

But now, to be really effective, we need you to take 10 minutes to form your own response to the Consultation - but with the help of all our research.

10 minutes v no second runway.

We understand the Commission prefer to hear an individual's story, rather than receive thousands of identical templated responses. We get it.

So we've researched, refined and set out in both a short and long response all the primary reasons why expanding Gatwick is the wrong thing to do. Naturally, they are in sequence to the relevant questions.

You can take sentences, paragraphs or the whole thing. You can use them to create your own email or answer their online response or just print and post, if time is against you. We will even send you a printed version with a freepost addressed envelope, if you wish, via our 1-click request.

It is very important that as many people as possible in your household respond. There is no age barrier to enjoying one's home.

Despite our plea, if realistically you won't get round to creating your own response, then
it is far, far better that you send our templated response than do nothing.

Thank you

Martin Barraud


Download the SHORT response here
(Adobe Acrobat PDF - 66kb)

Download the SHORT response here
(MS Word .doc - 41kb)

Download the LONG response here
(Adobe Acrobat PDF - 106kb)

Download the LONG response here
(MS Word .doc - 90kb)

All these documents also available on our website

You can copy from either version to answer their online 'smartsurvey' response.
Half-completed forms can be saved and returned to at any point. You may wish to compose answers offline, and then copy and paste them into the form.

Or you can email your response to this address, either putting your answers in the body of the email or as an attachment (they accept up to 10mb)

If you want us to send you a printed Response, just use this email link. Don't forget to add your name and address. We'll send the long version unless you say otherwise, along with a freepost addressed envelope, all for free.

Please post me a printed copy of the GON response, with a freepost addressed envelope

If this link fails to work for any reason, just contact us at with ‘AC Package please’ in the subject box, plus your name and address, and we'll get your package into the post.

All hard-copy responses must go to:

Airports Commission Consultation
PO Box 1492
GU22 2QR

If you wish, you can access the full Consultation document here (then click on ‘Consultation Document’)

Drop-in day in Penshurst - 31st January

Finally, we have arranged a drop-in day in Penshurst for Saturday 31st January if you would like to pick up a copy of our Response or have advice on how to create your own.

Make a day of it! Great pub (The Leicester Arms), Penshurst Place, of course, and a refreshed church celebrating its 900th Anniversary. Lovely walks, wonderful cycling and with a benign wind, magnificent tranquility.

Penshurst Village Hall,
The High Street, Penshurst, TN11 8BP
8am – 2pm
Plenty of free parking nearby.

Donations? We have not fired up our fund-raising properly yet but thanks to many gifts do have funds in the bank, as you can track on our website. However, as you may appreciate, all the above does dent our balance and if you wish to make a donation please email
This takes you through to our Treasurer, who is also a Partner at one of the Big Four City firms.

January 21st 2015

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