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The Power of One (that's you)

In a monumental decision for Gatwick's aspirations, West Sussex CC this afternoon voted 37:26 to oppose a second runway at Gatwick.

CAGNE, a Campaign Group led by Sally Pavey and based in West Sussex, has worked incredibly hard for months to make this happen, as have GACC and several other Campaign Teams. Gatwick, of course, lies in West Sussex.


You - the supporters of Gatwick Obviously Not - responded so quickly and in such numbers to our own campaign to help persuade WSCCllr's to think again ('Gatwick: It's about trust'), that we were asked by WSCC to ask you to back off as they'd 'got the message'!
Do not underestimate what a blow this vote will be for Gatwick.

Gatwick said "it was disappointed by WSCC's decision" and that it "is doing as much as possible to reduce the impact of aircraft noise on local residents" (in the BBC link, above)

I am certain the first part of that quote is absolutely true. Have any thoughts on the second part? (CEO)

And in what could also be a very significant move, East Sussex have decided to now allow a debate (and vote) on the second runway issue, following intense pressure from the Campaign Group ESCCAN, with a little help from you …
(ESCC previously decided, as you may recall, to back the second runway on the nod from 1 Cllr, under delegated powers. Cue: outrage)

Finally, Sir John has noted our letter to Mark Swan at the CAA that you backed up so magnificently in early January, (the SOS/'Save our Skies' campaign) and has subsequently written directly to the Chair of the Civil Aviation Authority, Dame Deirdre Hutton CBE, asking to be sure to be copied into their reply 'which I trust will include specific replies to each of [GON's] 6 Grounds for Objection'

In fact, you responded fabulously to all our requests in January for you to send out emails in support of our own, very specific Campaigns for all 3 of the above issues.

Thank you.

This is truly a moment to acknowledge the Power of One

One individual making his or her voice heard.
Multiplied by thousands.
And Campaign Groups working as One to achieve a common goal.

Enjoy the moment.
For it's a very, very long way until we get to the Power of Won.

Next; a response to the Airports Commission.
We'll be sending out details this week.
Deadline for submissions: 3rd February.


Martin Barraud

want to say thank you to West Sussex?
This goes to all Cllr's - and I don't think they'll object to some thanks:

Or want to say thanks to East Sussex for allowing a debate and encourage them to oppose the second runway?

January 19th 2015

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