Paul Carter CBE,
Kent County Council

November 26th 2014

Dear Mr Carter

It takes great personal and political courage to so publicly change a stance such as yours on Gatwick's 2nd Runway. But as I said in my open letter to you a couple of weeks ago, doing so puts you in very good company. (West Kent's most famous man, Sir Winston Churchill, crossed the floor twice for example).

And it seems you made the right decision; 79% of those who have voted (1,319 so far) in a poll on the Kent Messenger website agree that 'KCC should oppose a second runway at Gatwick Airport'.

Richard Streatfeild, Chair of the High Weald Group said in the same article that you have 'heeded the reasonable arguments of reasonable people'.

Thank you for listening, thank you for hearing.

Perhaps you can now help us persuade East Sussex County Council (well, just Cllr Simmons, actually, as it was he took the unilateral decision, without a vote, under delegated powers, to support the 2nd runway) to follow your lead.

I encourage others who receive this on our database to also let Mr Carter know how much his decision is appreciated.


Martin Barraud

November 27th 2014

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