This Saturday 22nd November

The GACC Protest Meeting - Crawley

GACC are the most well established Campaign Group and have are working closely with all the other groups who now a form a virtual ring of steel around Gatwick.

NATS have lost the contract to control the skies around Gatwick to DFS;
Gatwick have put their airspace changes on hold following their 'unfit for purpose' 'Consultation'
And the CAA can't even agree on the simple stuff like which way the wind is blowing.
Do you really trust them to run anything?
Let alone a new runway.

Keep up the pressure and claim back your skies from an offshore operator that has paid no Corporation Tax for at least 3 years (but somehow still manages to pay itself dividends) and a regulator who seem simply overwhelmed by their duties.

Please join GACC to protest about the new flight paths and to express opposition to a new Gatwick runway.

Doors open at 1.00 pm.
The main meeting will take place from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm.

5 MP's, plenty of parking, refreshments and stands from several campaign groups to help inform you. Media presence assured.

Apple Tree Centre,
RH11 0AF

Be great to see you there.

November 20th 2014

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