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From the very start of this Campaign in August we have been suggesting that Gatwick are pushing for a single superhighway so they can clear the skies for a 2nd runway - not just because they feel a great duty to follow EU or Government policy. We said exactly this on BBC TV some months ago. Indeed, we said so in our newsletter No.9 only this afternoon.

Thanks to some superb digging by the most experienced campaign team - GACC - here is the evidence of such a plan from the Airports Commission's documentation, found in 'Annex 3' on page 39. (See map below/attached/link)


Click on the map or on the link below to go to the original (see page 39) at:

We forward the GACC mailing just received, with their Press Release and a larger copy of this map attached.

From the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign

To all GACC members and supporters

Buried in the mass of documents published last week by the Airports Commission we have found a map illustrating where the new flight paths might be if a new runway were to be built. You may like to see the map and the press release which we have put out today. (Both attached to this mailing)

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our protest meeting on Saturday.

The GACC Protest Meeting
1.00pm onwards, 22nd November, Crawley
Apple Tree Centre, Ifield Avenue, Crawley RH11 0AF
Doors will open at 1.00 pm.
The main meeting will take place from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm.
5 MP's, refreshments, plenty of parking and stands from
several campaign groups to help inform you.
Media presence assured.

Brendon Sewill
Chairman GACC

November 18th 2014

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