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e-newsletter No.9

The Government's overall policy on aviation noise is 'to limit and, where possible, reduce the number of people in the UK significantly affected by aircraft noise'

It is a common belief that this policy is being misinterpreted by Gatwick to allow them to create a single 'superhighway' for arrivals from the East (with the vague offer of a single respite route), in order that they can clear the skies in readiness for a 2nd runway.

It is a known fact that they wish to turn the existing departures to the East…

from this:


to this:


Both plans taken from Gatwick's own website:

We call this an environmental persecution of the minorities.

And we don't like it.  Wherever such superhighways end up in the UK.

So we pushed very hard for a meeting with a senior government adviser, going in with a single message in early November; please change government policy (nothing more, nothing less) to stop it happening, anywhere - a single narrow superhighway is unjust and it is wrong and the operators (ie Gatwick/airports) and regulators (CAA) must not be allowed to push it through.

Use the technology ('Performance Based Navigation' - PBN) to benefit, not dis-benefit society by creating a multitude of known highways, not a single superhighway.

It seems our message, at least, got through. Below is a letter we promptly received from The Rt. Hon. Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport.

We informed you recently that we are moving from Phase I of the Campaign (raising awareness of the issues) to Phase II (negotiation at all levels).

This is a perfect example of Phase II in action.

Please keep up your support as things inevitably go a bit quieter up in our airspace, and down here on the ground with our campaigning.

We haven't gone anywhere.

Martin Barraud


November 17th 2014

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