You will have seen in the news however that Gatwick have postponed such a submission for change following significant local resistance"

Peter Gardiner, Business Manager to the Chair and CEO, CAA, 1st October 2014

Your voice counts

The GACC Protest Meeting
1.00pm onwards, 22nd November, Crawley

GACC is the most established campaign group, having started in 1967.
They have called a meeting to protest both against the proposed
flight paths and Gatwick’s drive for a 2nd runway.

Apple Tree Centre, Ifield Avenue, Crawley RH11 0AF
Doors will open at 1.00 pm.
The main meeting will take place from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm.
Four MPs (maybe more), refreshments, plenty of parking and
stands from several campaign groups to help inform you.
Media presence assured.

We're making a truly mammoth effort to save our skies.
We hope you can make it.


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Protest flyer attached, as below:


November 12th 2014


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