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People power really works

Gatwick have just announced that they are delaying the airspace changes. Further comment will be on our website soon but for now, acknowledge the fact that your voice has made a difference. Full press release below.

However we want to be sure this is not a way for Gatwick to stifle release of the results of the Consultation and will not rest until they do so.

They state on their FAQ's regarding the Consultation that:
"A feedback report which will provide analysis of the issues raised and numbers of consultation responses will be published in September 2014"

We will hold them to this promise.

After all, as Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office said recently:
"Gatwick Airport has a great deal of trust to rebuild"

Indeed they do.

They should start to rebuild that trust right now by issuing the results of the Consultation without us having to ask you to hound them.

Today represents a small but significant success and is the end of the beginning.
Now the work really starts.

Quick Survey

Following Gatwick's survey suggesting support for the second runway from those who live close to it, please respond to this survey to give them a wider picture. It takes less than a minute.

Want to ask Gatwick CEO a question?

Sarah Ward, journalist at The Courier, has asked for questions that she can put directly to Stewart Wingate, Gatwick CEO.

You could ask him who we should believe; he states absolutely no flight path trials have been taking place east of Gatwick ("There has not been any trial of a 'Superhighway' on our westerly approaches and we are not planning any trial") despite truly disturbing amounts of airborne traffic.

At the very same time NATS have been boasting of an approach stabilisation trial "analysing the operation to find ways of improving the consistency of the spacing provided between arriving aircraft [from the east] in order to maximise throughput".

They have also since boasted of a 'world record' for the busiest single runway airport of 906 movements in one day.

Please email Sarah with your question today, including your name and address. Her deadline is tomorrow, Thursday 2nd October. Subject line: Gatwick questions

"No, that is history"

Mathew Balfour, Deputy Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, Kent County Council, in reference to Kent's stated support for the 2nd runway, at a recent Council meeting.

However Sir John Stanley, who has been heavily critical of KCC's previous stance on this, said this does not go far enough and Paul Carter, Leader, KCC, must "formally abandon its support for the second runway at Gatwick" and that "it doesn't mean anything until they formally rescind that statement of support made to the Airport Commission".

Please write to Cllr Carter and ask him to confirm Cllr Balfour's statement that it is indeed history, once - and for all.

Here is the full article:

The Legal & Acoustic Framework

We are pleased to announce that we have secured the services of both a pre-eminent QC and Acoustics Expert. More details in the next newsletter but right now we are assessing our options for challenging any airspace changes that Gatwick has made or wishes to make in the future.

Want to complain about a particularly noisy or low plane?

Remember all the details about how to do this are on our website

The Gatwick Press Release

Gatwick to delay changes to local airspace

30 September 2014

Gatwick Airport and NATS will defer submitting any proposals to change local airspace until more detailed work is done to better understand the available options and next steps, it was announced today.

However, the Civil Aviation Authority's Future Airspace Strategy requires that changes to local airspace are implemented by 2020, so today's decision is a deferral or an extension of the timeline, not a cancelation of the process altogether.

Gatwick Airport approached NATS with the suggestion to defer any proposals following consultation with GATCOM and NATMAG – the noise and track monitoring advisory group that brings together representatives from the Department of Transport, NATS, airlines, Gatwick Airport and local authorities.

The additional time will allow Gatwick to do as much as possible to reduce the impact of aircraft noise on local residents. Gatwick Airport proposes using the longer timeframe to:

In addition, NATS also agreed to delay implementing any changes to airspace above 4000 feet.

When any changes to airspace operation are eventually identified, Gatwick Airport believes it would be preferable for both Gatwick and NATS to submit their proposed changes to the Civil Aviation Authority for review at the same time, so as to avoid unnecessary confusion in the community or any period of prolonged uncertainty. The local community will also be appropriately engaged on any future proposals to change the use of airspace around Gatwick.

Tom Denton, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Gatwick Airport, said:

"We are taking more time to review the flight change options we have consulted on in order to further consider all the feedback received before making any airspace change proposals. It is clear that airspace change is a sensitive issue for the communities around the airport and we encourage members of the community to engage fully with their GATCOM representative."

Dr John Godfrey, Chair, GATCOM, said:

"I am pleased that the important role GATCOM has played in ensuring that the serious concerns of communities were addressed by the airport and NATS has been successful. GATCOM provides that vital link between the wider communities around Gatwick and the airport's management enabling the communities' voices to be heard. This has resulted in the Committee's call for detailed consideration of feedback on the London airspace consultation options and the need for further consultation being positively acted upon."

"GATCOM will continue to ensure that all parties are appropriately engaged and affected communities kept informed of progress and consulted."

October 1st 2014

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