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We have refreshed our website, please take a look sometime and send the link to anyone who may be affected. We have had nearly 5,000 unique visits in the first month, so word is spreading.

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Now the Consultation deadlines have passed, we have a full Strategic Team meeting on Tuesday to plan the next phases of the Campaign.

We will keep you informed.

We are also meeting next week with every single other Campaign organisation we can find across West Kent and Sussex. If that's you and we haven't managed to find you please do get in touch

- One minute survey

Are you in business in any capacity?
This survey about where runway capacity should be built really does take less than a minute to complete and needs to be done before Monday 25th August:

We suggest that strategic priority should be the Isle of Grain option for the London Metropolis/South East, connected by CrossRail and Eurostar, with spurs off to the North.

- Write again to Paul Carter, CBE, Leader, KC

1-click tab on the website brings up an email to him or email from here:

Mr Carter supports the 2nd runway at Gatwick.

As Sir John Stanley said recently, given Mr Carter’s position this is "incredibly damaging"

Inundated with messages from you, Mr Carter sent out a standardised response this week (see tab) in which he stated

"Kent County Council's latest view on aviation is set out in its discussion document 'Facing the Aviation Challenge', which does not contain a preference for either site." [Heathrow or Gatwick]

Or put more clearly, he supports a 2nd runway at Gatwick/expansion at Heathrow, for he is implacably opposed to an airport in the Thames Estuary.

Mr Carter goes on to say in his letter:

"KCC has, through responding to every consultation on the issue of aviation noise, argued for improvements to the noise environment in West Kent… please be assured of this Council's concern for the quality of life of those residents who suffer from overflying."

These two statements are incompatible with demanding a 2nd runway at Gatwick.

Please let him know why he should withdraw his incredibly damaging support for the 2nd runway.

Immediately. Clearly. And unequivocally.

- Complain about every noisy plane

1-click tab on our website or use this email address now:

Thank you

Martin Barraud

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